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Beautifully Canadian Furs

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Introducing our new "Beautifully Canadian" label. This label is your assurance of the best quality apparel, handcrafted and designed in Canada, by experienced master furriers, using the finest, most luxurious Canadian furs. You will discover many products with this label throughout our collections.

Fur is one of Canada's most beautiful natural resources. Like the wild beauty of the Great North with its pristine lakes and wintry forests, fur is an intrinsic part of Canada's heritage, history and culture.

Fur is the ultimate eco-fabric. Designed by nature to be warm, lightweight and beautiful, it is natural, abundant, recyclable, biodegradable, sensual and sophisticated.

The fur trade is strictly regulated in Canada, produced in accordance with international animal welfare and conservation standards, to protect nature, and to ensure that we can enjoy the comfort and beauty of fur for generations to come.

Canadian Fur...your natural fashion choice. For more info, visit www.beautifullycanadian.com

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