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Used Furs

Kahnert's: Zuki

We do not buy or sell used furs. There are some ladies clothing consignment stores around the city that will sell them on your behalf. You have to keep in mind that fur coats depreciate in value over time, as the skins dry out and become weak, regardless of how the fur appears on the outside. The lifespan of a fur coat is generally in the range of 20 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the coat and how it has been cared for. If you are looking to sell it, many people use the various online sites that sell all kinds of used items.


We do alot of fur restyling. Fur is one of the best materials to take apart and make something completely different, in style, length, and size. Perhaps you would like it made into a vest, or a reversible jacket. You are welcome to drop in one day with your coat if you are interested in talking about various restyling options and costs.


Dan or John Kahnert will appraise your used fur and determine a fair market value for a trade-in allowance of up to 15% off the sale price of any new fur or shearling garment.

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